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How do you save a webpage to a disc?


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Hi, If using IE, click on file>save as> then make sure to select in the "save as type" the value "web archive *.mht" this will save only the current page and any image in it. and can be opened later on on any computer using IE.


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You can save a webpage as a HTML file on your disk. This can be done by Save As option in the browser.

When you save the file, in the save as file dialog, click the drop down menu "Save As type". You can select "Webpage", "Single File Website", or "Webpage Filtered". Then save the file and you can open it as a webpage.

First you need to save it as a webpage, which you can do by using Save As. You will then need access to webspace in order to upload it. You will also need FTP software to do the uploading.

You don't make a save button, if you are writing HTML in a document, update the code, save the document, and the webpage will save and update.

The button is the preview button. It is located in the toolbar up the top and it looks like a magnifying glass. When you click it you may be prompted to save the webpage you have been working on and when you save you can see your webpage in a web browser.

open web page, press ctrl+s, in save as type select webpage complete. It will create one html file & one folder of same name. Some formatting of webpage may be distorted offline, but most of the stuff retains..

The "RW" in DVD-RW stands for ReWrite. It works like a flash drive. You can save data to a disc, delete the data and save to the disc again.

To view it later or to grab a piece of code you want from the source

The PS3 can not save on the game disc because it does not write to Blu-Ray disc. It is a game, DVD, Cd, and Blu-Ray disc player and does not have the ability to make changes to discs of any type.

Click on File/Save or hit the floppy disc icon

you can by installing addon..check theSources and related links: below

You use the "Save As Webpage" format to allow it to be viewed on a website.

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try to save the cheat file to the desk top then insert the disc and drag the folder to the thing on the screen.

The advantage of a floppy disc is to save and keep your information safe and when your computer shuts down your information will be safe and not gone!!

File extensions for web pages usually are .html.

View the webpage in a browser. This procedure allows you to verify the page displays as you intended. If you notice any problems, change the HTML code and view it again. Repeat the change-save-view process until you are satisfied with the results.

There's no way to save videos off a DVR on to a disc. However, if you have a computer and a Tuner/Digital Recorder card (separate purchase required,) it's possible to record the videos on to your computer and then save them to a disc. Of course, how successful you are depends on your DVR brand and model, so please consult further before making a purchase decision.

It depends on the game. what game is it on and is it disc based or download also what system

eat cookies then save the disc to tech

The webpage appears to be down.He tried to contact the webpage administrator.How do I print this webpage?

You just quit the game. When you come back to the game again, click "Continue game".......The thing is you have to be logged into the webpage so it can save your data

Take help from web design and development company. You may create easy webpage using Adobe Dreamweaver or Even Using Microsoft World (Just Save As your document as web page)

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