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You can copy a formula in order to use it again. You can just save a workbook in Excel and all formulas are saved in it.

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Q: How do you save the same formula in Excel?
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How many functions can be nested with the same formula in MS Excel?

You can nest up to 64 levels of functions in a formula in Excel.

When you enter a formula in a cell Excel assigns the cell the same format as the cell reference in the formula?


How you can save an excel document?

hold ctrl and s together at the same time

How do you convert Excel to csv in Microsoft Excel?

From within Excel, File Menu>Save As>Save As Type>CSV

How Excel 2007 Converted to Excel 2003?

You can open a 2007 Excel spreadsheet with Excel 2003 if you save the file in Excel 2007 using "Save As" and select the 2003 compatibility mode.

What do you have to put in a cell to denote an equation in Excel?

In Excel an equation can be a formula. All formulas in Excel must start with the equals sign. That is what tells Excel it is a formula.

What is the symbol that tells excel that you are about to begin a formula?

the asterisk is used for what function when building a formula in excel

Where is the formula error button in Excel 2007?

There is no formula error button in Excel. However, there is an Error Checking button on the Formulas ribbon in the Formula Auditing section in Excel 2007.

What is the formula for PVIFA in Excel?

The PVIFA formula in excel refers to Present Value Interest Factor of Annuity. This is able to be calculated in an excel document.

Create Auto save macro in Excel?

In XLS 2003 you can simply turn the "Save AutoRecovery info" in EXCEL (Tools/Options/Save)

What is save in Microsoft Excel?

On Windows, press Ctrl - S at the same time On a Mac, press Command - S at the same time

What is replicating a formula in Excel?

Replicating means copying. So replicating a formula in Excel is copying a formula. This is a very common activity that is done in Excel. You create one formula and then use it in other places on the worksheet.

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