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How do you say 'Hi' in South Africa?



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There are 11 official languages and a few more unofficial ones, so there are lots of ways.

Many people Speak English as a second language in South Africa (only 8% speak it as a first language), but it also goes without say that South Africans enjoy the little time and effort it takes to greet them in their home language. See related links for a good resource we use in class.

Here is the list of "hi" in the 11 official languages of South Africa:

English Hello, Hi

Afrikaans Goeiedag

isiNdebele Lotjhani

isiXhosa Molo

isiZulu Sawubona

SiSwati Sawubona

Sesotho Dumela

Sesotho sa Leboa Dumela

Setswana Dumela

Tshivenḓa ♂Ndaa / ♀Aa

Xitsonga Avuxeni (pronounced Avoo-sh-eni)