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"Can't wait for your kiss" in Norwegian could be translated as "Jeg lengter etter å kysse deg". This literally means "I long to kiss you" in English.

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Jeg ser fram til å høre fra deg

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Q: How do you say 'can't wait for your kiss' in Norwegian?
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How do you say can't wait to kiss you in greek?

I can't wait to kiss you = λοξοτομώ την αναμονή για να φιλήσω

Say kisses in danish?

''A kiss to'' in English are in norwegian ''et kyss til''.example: he gave a kiss to norwegian: han ga et kyss til meg.

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How do i say i cant wait to see you in twi?

I can’t wait to see you

How do you tell someone cant wait to hear from them?

you simply say ''I can't wait to hear from you''

How do you say photo in Norwegian?

Bilde is how you say photo in Norwegian.

How do you say i can't wait to to go?

You can say "I can't wait to go" in German by saying "Ich kann es kaum erwarten zu gehen."

How do you say I cant wait to love you in spanish?

No puedo esperar a amarte

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How do you say choose me in Norwegian?

"Velg meg" is how you say "choose me" in Norwegian.

How do you say 'lets have sex' in norwegian?

The phrase "let's have sex" in Norwegian is "la oss ha sex".

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