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In albanian language

extraordinary - e jashtezakonshme

but you may find it hard to the pronunciation of this word.

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How do you say love in albanian?

love in albanian: dashuri

How do you say real in albanian?

Well I'm albanian but i would say its bes if you go on Google translate( i really am albanian)

How do you say good bye in Albanian?

In albanian goodbye is : MIREUPAFSHIM .

How do you say numeracy in Albanian?

In Albanian the word numeracy is numerike.

How do you say 'shadow' in Albanian?

shadow in albanian = hije

How do you say Hello in albanian?

im albanian and there really isn't a hello sorta but when you answer a phone instead of saying hello you say alo usually when i wanna say hello to another albanian i just say hello and they understand

What is 'extraordinary' in Dutch?

In Dutch you say 'extraordinary' as buitengewoon or bijzonder.

Why do they say Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr is albanian?

He brought an (official) Albanian flag to the moon during the Apollo 14 trip. He later gave this to an Albanian diplomat, which led experts to believe that he was Albanian.

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