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Q: How do you say 'ice cream' in Albanian?
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How do you say ice cream in idate?

ice cream

You did not say ice cream?

no i did not

How do you say ice cream maker or ice cream chef in French?

Type your answer here... In ice cream it is, crem di chef orl orb

How do you say 'I have to eat ice cream' in Spanish?

To say 'I eat ice cream' in Spanish, you would say 'Como helado.'

How do you say your kitty tastes like ice cream?

Like this: "Your kitty tastes like ice cream."

How do you say ice cream in Canadian?

I think you are confused......Canadian English is same as American English .not another language.So you say Ice-cream .....

Is Can you please have some ice cream correct?

No, it is not. If you are giving someone ice cream, you ask "Would you like some ice cream?" If you are the one who wants ice cream, the polite way is to ask "May I please have some ice cream?" Some people also say "Could I have some ice cream, please?"

How do you say ice cream in Italy?


How do you say ice cream Italian?


How do you say ice cream in Honduras?


How do you say pancakes with ice cream in french?

Crêpes avec de la glace = Pancakes with ice-cream

How do you say vanillia ice cream in french?

Vanilla ice cream is "la glace a la vanille" in French