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In Hindi, 'lettuce' is called 'सलाद पत्ता' (Salad Patta).

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Q: How do you say 'lettuce' in Hindi?
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What is Kasmisaag?

This is a Hindi name for Lettuce (Vegie)

What does lettuce called in Hindi or other name for it in English?

Lettuce is called "सलाद पत्ता" (salad patta) in Hindi. Another name for lettuce in English is "leafy greens."

What do you say introduction in Hindi?

what do we say introduction in hindi

How do you say give thanks in Hindi?

In hindi you can say "Dhanyvad".

How do you say peacock in Hindi?

they will say mor for peacock in Hindi

How do you say 'courage' in Hindi?

For 'courage', we say 'sahas' in Hindi.

What do you say touching in Hindi?

we say touching in hindi as chuna

How do you say classmate in Hindi?

सहपाठी is how you say classmate in Hindi.

Is is correct to say heads of lettuce?

Yes it is. Plural: Heads of lettuce Singular: Head of lettuce

How do you say no in Hindi?

नहीं (nahīṁ) This is what we say no in Hindi!!!!

How do you say I am not in tagalog?

To say "I am not" in Tagalog, you can say "Hindi ako."

What do you say for 'foot' in Hindi?

For 'foot' we say 'charan, pair' or 'paon' in Hindi.