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'Texas' in Spanish is 'Tejas.'


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¿Eres Tejano? = Are you Texan? ¿Eres de Texas? = Are you from Texas?

You would say ¡Bienvenidos a Tejas / Texas! "Tejas/ Texas" is pronounced ['texas].*In standard Spanish, the [x] sound is similar to that in German "ich" or Scottish English "loch".

Texas anaronjado. Sounds like: tey-has ahn-ah-ran-hato

Translation: Tejas es un perdedor.

NO!! they do not have spanish stores in Texas

What are examples of the Spanish legacy in Texas

Spanish Texas was created in 1690.

Spanish Texas ended in 1821.

Mi familia es de Texas (en los Estados Unidos- in the US)

Same as English. Proper nouns always stay the same.

Texas has no official language, but Spanish is very popular.

what are Spanish motives for set tiling in Texas

In Texas, it's: estaba poco solecito este domingo pasado.

Because they ruled texas

Soy de Tejas (pronounced "soy de TAY-hahs).

How do you say ophra in spanish? That is how you say "ophra" in spanish.

if you want to say not in spanish you would say no.

This is how you say chest in spanish By: Alissa This is how you say chest in spanish By: Alissa

To say, "I don't speak Spanish" in Spanish, you would say "No hablo español."

Le / les / te / os fascina Tejas /Texas ['te.xas]Me fascina TejasNos fascina Tejas[x] as strong as in German "Bach"

El Paso was the name of the first Spanish settlement in East Texas.

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