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Envia mis saludos a tus niños.

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Q: How do you say - send my regards to your kids in spanish?
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How would you say 'best regards' in Spanish?


How do you say send in Spanish?

u say "mandar"

How do you say 'with kind regards' in Spanish?

con un cordial saludo

How to convey regards to a person?

You can convey regards to a person by simply saying "Please convey my regards to [person's name]." You can also say, "Please send my best regards to [person's name]." If you're speaking directly to the person, you can say, "Please accept my regards."

How do you say to ship in Spanish?

To ship or to send is enviar in Spanish,

What is regards in Spanish?

There are several ways to say Best regrds in Spanish. Below are some of them:Saludos cordialesSaludosAtentamente

How you say to send in spanish?

enviar or mandar

What does kids mean in Spanish?

Kids is an English word and is not a Spanish word (to the best of my knowledge). If you want to know how to say kids in Spanish, the word is chicos.

How do you say my kids in spanish?

Mis hijos.

How you say i couldn't send it in spanish?

"no pude enviarlo"

How do you say kids workshop in spanish?

Taller infantil

How do you say from the kids in Spanish?

de los hijos