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Translation: dos horas más

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Q: How do you say 2 more hours of work in spanish?
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How do you say two more hours in spanish?

Dos horas más.

How do you say you had to work for 2 hours in spanish?

Tuve que trabajar durante dos horas

You work 60 hours a week how do you say that in spanish?

Usted trabaja 60 horas a la semana

How do you say hours is spanish?


How do you say 'hour' in Spanish?

El Hours

How do you say where do you work in Spanish?

Where do you work? = ¿Dónde trabajas?

How do you say work at in Spanish?


How do you say to do work in Spanish?


How do you say to work in Spanish?

The verb equivalent to "to work" in Spanish is "trabajar".to work-trabajar a job-el trabajo work-trabajo

How do you say Do clase work in Spanish?

Clase means class in spanish. Do mean teachers work there? -kay

Say the word work in spanish?


How do you say I do not work in spanish?

Yo no trabajo.