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Where do you work? = ¿Dónde trabajas?

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Q: How do you say where do you work in Spanish?
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How do you say to do work in Spanish?


How do you say work at in Spanish?


How do you say to work in Spanish?

The verb equivalent to "to work" in Spanish is "trabajar".to work-trabajar a job-el trabajo work-trabajo

How do you say Do clase work in Spanish?

Clase means class in spanish. Do mean teachers work there? -kay

Say the word work in spanish?


How do you say I do not work in spanish?

Yo no trabajo.

How do you say work is work in spanish?

trabajo es el trabajo

How do you say extra work in spanish?

Trabajo extra

How do you say good work in Spanish?

Buen trabajo.

How do you say I work for in spanish?

Yo trabajo para

How do you say home work in spanish?

In Spanish that is usually known as "tareas".

How do you say off work in spanish?

fuera del trabajo.