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Ceilteach (adjective).

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Q: How do you say Celtic in Irish Gaelic?
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How do you say farm in Celtic?

In Irish Gaelic, farm is "feirm" and in Scottish Gaelic, it is "feàrrm".

Is Celtic a Irish language?

It's the other way around: Irish is a Celtic language.Here is a list of all 6 modern Celtic languages:Irish GaelicScottish GaelicManxWelshBretonCornish

How do you say the book of time in Celtic with the original Celtic letters?

Celtic is not a language, it is a group of languages 6 in all Welsh, Cornish, Breton Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic, Manx Gaelic You have to be a bit more specific

What does scold mean in Gaelic Irish or Celtic?

The word 'scold' is not an Irish Gaelic word.

How do you say four in Celtic?

Celtic is not a language. It is a group of languages. You would have to specify. Here are some of the most common Celtic languages: Irish Gaelic Scottish Gaelic Welsh Manx Cornish Breton

How do you say Stay the course in Celtic?

In Irish: In Scots Gaelic: In Manx: In Welsh: In Breton: In Cornish:

How do you say 'Gaelic' in Irish?

In Irish the language itself is referred to as An Ghaeilge.If referring to the Gaelic branch of Celtic culture(which would include the Isle of Man and Scottish Highlands), the word used in Irish would be Gaelach.

What are some Celtic translations for 'teardrop'?

Some possible translations for 'teardrop' in Celtic languages are: in Irish Gaelic: 'dearóg' in Scottish Gaelic: 'dearag' in Welsh: 'deigryn'.

What is warrior of christ in Gaelic?

In Irish "Celtic warrior" is "gaiscíoch Ceilteach".

How do you say Celtic in Gaelic?

In Manx it's: Celtiagh In Scottish Gaelic it's: Ceilteach In Irish it's: Ceilteach (people / culture) Ceiltis (languages)

Are Celtic people Irish or Scottish?

In modern times, 'Celtic' people are Irish, Scottish highlanders, Manx, Welsh, Bretons and Cornish. Those are the only regions where Celtic languages are still spoken.

How do you say stripe in Gaelic?

First, it's not Gaelic. Gaelic is the culture of the Celtic countries of Isle of Man, Scotland but especially Irish. The language is called Gaeilge or Irish. Stripe in Irish is 'Riabh' (pronounced 'reeve') or 'Stríoc' (pron. 'stree-och').