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Fio Dental

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Q: How do you say Dental floss in portuguese?
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what starts with d, In a handbag?

Dental Floss

Does floss stretch?

No dental floss does not stretch.

Why must you dental floss?

You must dental floss because if you don't plaque will grow off the food in your mouth.

Is dental floss biodegradable?

Actually, currently biodegradable dental floss in market, only silk and PLA floss can reach 100% biodegradable.

Does dental floss have fluorine in it?

yes, you can.

What rhymes with MrRoss?

dental floss

Where can you buy refill dental floss for your Glide dental floss tool that has a long handle with prongs at the top?

You can buy refill dental floss for your Glide dental floss tool at most grocery stores. If it has handles and prongs at the top, this is where the refill goes. You can also check big box stores.

What is dental floss?

Dental floss is a string kind of thing (hard to explain) which you put in between your teeth and go up and down, as a result any plaque between the teeth will be removed.WARNING:Do not swallow the dental floss.

What is a floss holder?

Floss holder and dental floss sticks come in either a "knife" shape or a "Y"shape.

How bad is the bacteria on dental floss?

That is equal to the bacteria on your toothbrush, it depends on how often you get a new one. But dental floss is usually cut and tossed away after use, so I´d say the leftover floss is pretty clean. In any ways, if you do not soak the floss in a bacteria-infested liquid, it´s not dangerous to your health at all.

Is there a alternative to dental floss?

use waterpik

What is Brazil traditional clothes?

Dental floss

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