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Such a good picture of you.

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Q: How do you say En sa bra bild av dejl in English?
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How do you say ich mag bild in English?

Ich mag Bild is grammatically incorrect and translates as I like picture.The grammatically correct form would be Ich mag das Bild which translates as I like the picture.

How do you say bra in Tagalog?

In Tagalog, some English words are incorporated. Therefore, some English words do not have a Tagalog translation. "Bra" in Tagalog is still "bra".

How do you say bra in German?

English: bra = brassiere = German: BH or Büstenhalter. OR the improved version is: keypsumfromfloppin'. You have to say it fast though.

How do you say bra in welsh?

It is bra.

How do you say bra in spanish?

To say bra in spanish is the word "Sostan"

How do you say good in Swedish?

It depends on the context.Acceptable translations could be 'god' or 'bra' as noted below:A good book = en bra bok.Good food = god matGood morning = god morgonGood evening = god aftonGood night = god nattetc.Worth noting that the translation for(English) God = (Swedish) gud(English) Bra = (Swedish) behå:-)---Original answer--- 'Good' is 'bra' in Swedish.

How do you say this is a picture of me in German?

this is a picture of me in german. Hier ist ein Bild von mich.

How do you say great in Sweden?

bra great guy = bra kille great marks = bra betyg

Which is the most comfortable bra?

i would say a sports bra. sports bra tend to be the most comfroable

How do you say hello bra in spanish?

"hola bra" or "hola sosten"

How do you say come in?


How do you say you looked great in that picture with in German?

Du sahst auf dem Bild toll aus.