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Soy alérgico al gluten

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Q: How do you say I am allergic to gluten in Spanish?
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What is the spanish word for gluten?

Allergic to gluten - alérgico al gluten

How do you you say allergic in Spanish?

alérgico ...

Is Ash Ketchum allergic to Gluten?


Why do some people have Celiac disease and others don't?

Some people are allergic to gluten while others are not. Gluten makes people allergic to it sick with celiac.

Is gluten free products good for you?

I not sure but i think it can be good. Gluten free is for the people who are allergic to these products.

Is there any meat in wheat gluten?

No, gluten is a plant protein. Some people are allergic to it and must avoid it.

Is it possible to be allergic to wheat grass that is gluten free?


Why are some people allergic to gluten?

It is most likely because they do not have the enzymes to digest the gluten.

What is the allergy cauld when you are ellergic to wheat?

Well, if you are just allergic to wheat then it would be a wheat allergy. If you are allergic to gluten which does encompass wheat then you have a gluten allergy. You can also be wheat or gluten sensitive or you could have Celiac disease. Definately best to check with your doctor.

What is celeriac disease?

allergic to celery? or if you mean coeliac disease, its when you're allergic to gluten, wheat, barley etc.

Lance suffers from allergic reactions to gluten so he avoids eating any foods that contain?

12. Lance suffers from allergic reactions to gluten, so he avoids eating any foods that contain

What would you be allergic to in beer?

possibly gluten or maybe sulfates even...but most likely gluten. I know wine has sulfates but not sure about beer.