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Q: How do you say I am so disappointed in Japanese?
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Why were many southeast Asians disappointed when the Japanese invaded the region in world war-ii?

They were disappointed because Japanese rule proved to be as harsh as that of the former colonial powers.

How do you say i am so disappointed in how your doing me in Spanish?

How do u say I'm glad we are friends n Spanish

How do you milk a dinosaur?

i am disappointed to say that dinosaurs are extinct so therefore you cannot milk them.

How do you say Halo in Japanese?

Halo isn't a world in Japanese so you would say Halo...

How do you say the lyrics of the song are beautiful in Japanese?

The japanese word of song is "uta"and beautifull is"ii" you can say it in japanese..."ii uta"

How do you say 'disappointed' in France?


How do you say disappointed in french?

déçu, déçue

How do you say i am disappointed in spanish?

Estoy decepcionado

How do you say 'offline' in Japanese?

The Japanese word for "offline" comes from the English, so it is: 'ofurain'.

What is a list of japanese names?

what are you asking, "how do you say 'list of Japanese names' in Japanese"? if so Nippon-mei no risuto

How do you say refreshing in Japanese?

So deshi, I think.

How do you say 'the playmate' in Japanese?

Asobi (A-so-bee)