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"I'm late for dinner" in Spanish is "Estoy tarde para la cena". It is pronounced "Eh-STOY TAR-day PA-rah la SAY-na". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

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Yo no ir a ninguna parte.

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No puedo conseguir a la cena

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Q: How do you say I do not go anywhere in Spanish?
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How do you say He she doesn't go anywhere in spanish?

No VA a ninguna parte. He/She doesn't go anywhere.

How do you say I like to dance anywhere?

How do you say, I like to dance anywhere in Spanish

How do you say Do it anywhere in Spanish?

Hacerlo en cualquier lado

How can you go out with a Spanish girl?

The same way you could go out with a girl from anywhere else: by asking her.

How do you say We go swimming in Spanish?

You say, "We go to swim." "Vamos a nadar."

How do you say go with in spanish?

ir (to go) con (with)

How do you say lets go in spanish?

Vamos Partamos / vámonos / vayámonos

How do you say i go in spanish?

"I go" translates into "yo voy" in spanish.

How do you say will you go out with me is spanish?

You can say "¿Puedes salir conmigo?"

How do say you are a girl in Spanish?

~ Nina is how to say girl in spanish...... duhhh didnt you go to school! LOL

How do you say to go out in spanish?

The infinitive form for 'to go out' is salir.

How do you say that you can go to in spanish?

"you can go to" si puedes ir