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Tengo una pregunta. However...if you ASK a question, you would use "hacer una pregunta".

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How do you say the world fishers in spanish?

If the question is "How do you say the word 'fishers' in Spanish? then you say, "pescadores - los pescadores." If the question is "How do you say 'the world fishers' in Spanish? then you say, "los pescadores mundiales."

How do you say address your question in Spanish?

Address your question in Spanish is: Responde a la pregunta.

How do you say you have a question in spanish?

Tengo una pregunta (I have a question)

How you say ask me question in spanish?


How do you say question mark in Spanish?


How do you say rubio in spanish?

this is a stupid question

How do you say to question in spanish?

Preguntar (To ask a question) Interrogar (To interrogate)

How do you say do you have any questions in spanish?

Since spanish doesn't have "do", you would just say you have a question but make it sound like a question. So "Do you have a question?" would be "¿Tienes una pregunta?"

Do you say brown in spanish?

If the question is referring to a translation from English to Spanish, then the answer is "marrón".

How do you say what it's about in Spanish?

The question "what is this about?" translates into Spanish "a que se refiere."

How do you say did you miss me in spanish?

To ask the English question 'Did you miss me?' in Spanish takes fewer words. In Spanish 'Me extrañaste?' is all you would say.

How do you answer where are you in Spanish?

well to ask the question in spanish you say "donde estas?" To reply you say " estoy en (place)".

How do you say overboard in spanish?

You need to know that question!

How do you say this in spanish bruh you?

Question is not clear enough to answer.

How do you say one question in spanish?

una pregunta

How do you say in Mexican?

this question is confusing, first, Mexican isn't a language, you probably meant spanish, second what are you trying to say in spanish?

How do you say louise in spanish?

that eas my question too luisa

How do you say this is a question in spanish?

Esto es una pregunta.

How do you say awsering questions in spanish?

Contestar means to answer (a question).

This is a Spanish to English question How do you say verdad in English?


How do you say its one o'clock in Spanish?

Why the heck would I know how to answer the question if I searched the question to found out the answer :)

How do you say May I ask a question in Spanish?

can I ask a question: ¿Puedo hacer una pregunta

How do you say address in Mexican?

Well lets start by correction your question, i think what you mean is "How do you say address in spanish? Direccion is address in spanish.

In Spanish how would you say what is your name?

"What is your name?" is not the Spanish way of asking for that information. In Spanish, the common form of this question is "How do you call yourself?" or "How are you called?" You say it, "¿Cómo se llama?"

What does wonder mean in spanish?

This question is stupidly worded. I assume you meant to ask how to say "wonder" in Spanish, wonder in spanish is maravilla.

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