How do you say I hope it helps in French?

"how do you say 'i ' in french? that's easy...j'espere que sa aide..but it has a thingy on the second e..why would you even post that can essaily go to yahoo babelfish translations and it'll translate anything in any language."

First of all, any smart person knows that these translations are not always accurate. Secondly, that "thingy" is called and ACCENT. Third, to avoid the cacophony you would either use an apostrophe (when using an article + noun) or use the masculine form when talking about a possessive adjective. For example, instead of "ma amie" (my -female- friend), we say "mon amie" (therefore "sa aide" = "SON AIDE"). Last, but not least (and this finally answers the question), the correct translations are: "J'espere que cela vous aura aidé" (formal) or "J'espère que ça t'aide" (informal).