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永遠まで愛なるように eienmadeno ainaru youni

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Q: How do you say I hope this relationship will last forever in Japanese?
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How can you make a high school relationship last forever?

You just need to show that you truly want to be with that person forever and you need to hope that they want to be with you forever and hope that it works out.

How Long Does A Birth Relationship Last?

forever.......till death

Can the word Forever last in a Relationship?

Make it happen, captain!

Can a long distance relationship last forever?

If you can live with it. sure. why not?

What is something you can tell your boyfriend that you want to spend forever with?

I hope we can last forever.

Could a relationship started in 9Th grade last forever?

Yes of course.

How do you make a relationship last forever?

Be honest.or u could just treat her or him right

What do people hope will last forever?

love/marrige life finances youth

How to keep a relationship last forever?

play hard to get, but don't go making out with someone when they turn around.

How do you act in a middle school relationship?

Don't get to far in the relationship, they normally don't last long. It is kind of like practice for the real thing. Hey u never know, it could last forever!

What is last hope in Japanese?

最後の希望 (Saigo no kibou)

How long could a first love relationship last?

a first love could last forever its really who you grow to be and if you really love them or just a passing infatuation