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I would say :Ich vermisse dich auch mein Schatz! ich will dich jetzt!

pronounced like :ish fairmissuh dish ouk mine shaz! ish vill dish yetz

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I love you, I miss you and I need you = Ich liebe dich, ich vermisse dich und ich brauche dich.

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Q: How do you say I love and miss you in German?
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What is i miss you my love in German?

I miss you my love = Ich vermisse dich meine Liebe i miss you my love = Du fehlst mir meine Liebe

How do you say miss you at school in German?


How do you say will you love in German?

Will you love in German is wirst Du lieben

How do i say i miss you in german?

Ich vermisse dich.

How do I say I love you and miss you in Tongan?

How do I say I miss talking to you In Palau?

How do you say misssmith in German?

The name Miss Smith would be Fräulein Smith in German.

How do you say but do you love me in German?

But do you love me is aber liebst Du mich? in German.

How do you say 'I am in love' in German?

English: "I am in love" is German: "Ich bin verliebt".

How do you say we will miss you in German?

Wir werden dich vermissen.

How do you say Miss Universe in the German language?

Fraulein Kosmos

How do you say yes miss beautiful in German?

yes miss beautiful = ja Fräulein Wunderschön

How do you say 'i miss you these days'in German?

I miss you these days translates as Ich vermisse Dich heutzutage.