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I love my daughter, the doctor = Ich liebe meine Tochter, die Ärztin

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Q: How do you say Ilove my Daughter the Doctor in German?
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How do you say daughter in German?

English: "the daughter" means in German "die Tochter".

How do i say ilove you?

Just go up to him/her and say it .....

How do you say youngest daughter in German?

jüngste Tochter <----- YOUNGEST DAUGHTER

How do you say doctor in German?

Doctor translates as Arzt or Doktor.

How do you say oldest daughter in german?

Älteste Tochter

How do you say ilove you in Malayalam?

enikku ninne ishtamanu

How do you say ilove you in greek?

Σ' αγαπώ. (S' agapo.)

How do you say ilove you too in french?

je t'aime aussi

What the doctor say in German?

Arzt is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you say ilove you in Frances?

Je t'adore! or.. Je t'aime! =) ♥

How go you say ilove good night in french?

J'taime, bonne nuit

How do you say surgery in German?

Surgery = Chirurgie doctor's surgery = Praxis