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The German version of the name "Jacob" is "Jakob", it is pronounced "Yac-ob".

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Q: How do you say Jacob in German?
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How do you translate Jacob say something into German?

Jacob, say something = Jakob, sag etwas.

How do you say James in German?

There is no German translation for that particular name.The name ''James'' is derived from the same Hebrew name as Jacob, meaning "He who supplants." The German version of Jacob is Jakob.The Book of James - Der Brief des Jakobus

What has the author Jacob Steigerwald written?

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What is Jacob in other languages?

In Spanish, "Jacob" is "Jacob." In French, it is "Jacques." In German, it is "Jakob." In Italian, it is also "Giacobbe."

How do you say Jacob in French?

say it like this (shja-cob) = Jacob lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

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jacob zuma

What has the author Jacob Peter Bang written?

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What is the German language name for James?

James is derived from Jacob so in German it would be Jakob.

What has the author Jacob Henry Wild written?

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How do you say Jacob in Dutch?

Jacob in Dutch is COBUS.

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the first was Jacob garza

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