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Jordan in Arabic means 'AL ORDON' and in Arabic الاردن

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Q: How do you say Jordan in Arabic?
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How do you say girl in Jordan?

Most Jordanians speak Arabic, so they would say "bent" (بنت).

Is the same Arabic spoken in Iraq and Jordan?

While Arabic is the official language in both Iraq and Jordan, there can be regional dialectal differences in vocabulary, pronunciation, and expressions. However, speakers from these two countries can generally understand each other due to the shared core of the Arabic language.

What is Jordan's main language?


What Is Taylor In Arabic?

I think Taylor in Arabic is : Taymoor . not sure about it but I'm from Jordan and I have some informations about English names in Arabic :)

How do you say universe in Arabic?

If you want to say Arabic in Arabic this is how you say it=Arabi

What percentage of Jordanian people speak Arabic?

I'm proud to be from Jordan & I can tell you that all the people of Jordan speak Arabic. Kingdom of Jordan is an Arab country, it's official language as the other Arab countries is Arabic. The 2nd language that is being widely learnt is the English.

Where is Eastern Arabic spoken?

Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria

What languages are spoken in Amman Jordan?

The main language spoken in Amman, Jordan is Arabic. English is also widely spoken, especially in business and tourism sectors, and some people may also speak other languages such as French or Spanish.

How do you say peace be with you Arabic?

How do you say peace be with you in Arabic?

How do you spell Jordan in Islam?

Islam is not a language, it's a religion. If you mean how to spell Jordan in Arabic then the answer is ( Al- Ordon).

How do you say 'disbeliever' in Arabic?

To say 'disbeliever' in Arabic, you would say 'kaffir.'

In Arabic what we say Ramadan or Ramadhan?

In Arabic we say Ramadan.