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Q: How do you say LEGOs in spanish?
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How do you say Lego's in Spanish?


How do you say I love to play Legos in French?

j'aime jouer legos is the translation. It means I Love to play with Legos in french.

Why have they discontinued some legos?

Like they say, "Out with the old, and in with the new."

How do you say 'LEGO' in french?

Its Lego-its not a word, its the name of the product:)

How do you say i used to build LEGOs as a kid?

"I used to play with LEGO pieces as a child."

Are there Avatar legos?

No, there are not Naruto legos.

What happens in a LEGO factory?

Well, until someone comes by with a real answer, I am going to say that the creation of Legos takes place within a factory, using melted plastic, which is put into molds, and after the plastic cools, there are legos.

Are LEGOs awesome?

legos may be the most awesome thing in the world

How do you get your mom to buy you LEGOs?

You can't get her to buy you Legos...... But you can buy them yourself!

How do you build life size halo weapons out of legos?

Get a bunch of legos

Are there any Naruto LEGOs?

No, as of September 7th, 2010 there are no Naruto legos.

Are Eggos and Legos homophones?

No, Eggos and Legos are rhyming words, but not homophones.