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Translation: Yeshu Hanotsri (ישו הנוצרי)

It is important to note that this is "Jesus the Nazirite" as most Jews (the people speaking Hebrew) would not address Jesus as a Lord or the Lord. A literal translation would be "Adon Yeshu" (אדון ישו).

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In traditional Hebrew writing, it is ישו המושיע המשיח

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Yeshu ben ha'enosh hanimshakh

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Q: How do you say Lord Jesus in hebrew?
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How do you say lord in Hebrew?


How do you say who is like the lord in Hebrew?

Who is like the lord = Mi kmo Adonai (מי כמו ה׳)

What makes Jesus' name powerful?

Y'shua in Hebrew is a contraction of two Hebrew words, YAH (the LORD) and yeshuah (salvation) means the Lord's salvation, which is who He is

How do you say lord everlasting in Hebrew?

einsof (אינסוף)

What does the name 'jesus' means?

pronounced JEE-zus, hay-SOOS. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jesus is "the Lord is salvation". Short form of Joshua, from the Hebrew name Jehoshua.

Can you say Jesus Almighty Name?

Yes. Lord Jesus Christ.

House of the Lord in Hebrew?

The House of The Lord is a HOLY place where The Almighty dwells. If you are asking how to say this in Hebrew, it is: בית השם = beit hashem

The name Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua which means?

Jesus in Greek is Iesus in Hebrew it is Yeshua or Yahoshua meaning " The Lord Saves"

How do you say Jesus can in Hebrew?

Yeshu yachol (ישו יכול)

How do you say Jesus in Hebrew?

Yeshu (ישו)

How do you write and say ''the Lord has spoken'' in Hebrew?

In modern Hebrew: Hashem diber (השם דיבר) or (ה' דיבר).

How do you say 'blessed are you Lord' in Hebrew?

blessed are you Lord = baruch atah Adonai (בָּרוּךְ אַַתָּה יְיָ)