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If you mean "love that has been found", then the Latin equivalent is amor inventus. Otherwise more information is needed, because the past tense forms of a Latin verb vary depending on the subject:

amorem inveni - I found love

amorem invenisti - you (singular) found love

amorem invenit - he, she or it found love

amorem invenimus - we found love

amorem invenistis - you (plural) found love

amorem invenerunt or invenere - they found love

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Perdidit amor or amare

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Amor occiditur.

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Q: How do you say Love is slain in Latin?
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How do you say love me in latin?

Do you love me in Latin is ama me.

How do you say with love in latin?


How do you say you love in latin?

Amorem is the Latin noun for" love", amo is the Latin verb "I love"(Ego) amo(tu) amas(*ei) amatamamusamatisamant

How do you say to in Latin?

-are Ex. 'to love' is 'amare'

How do you say my love in Latin?

amator mei

How to say i love you in latin?

Te amo.

How do you say 'i love him' in latin?

Eum amo.

Man is fatally slain?

Being slain means killed, so it's redundant to say 'fatally slain'. Should just be 'man is slain'.

How do you say her love in latin?

love : diligo, dilectio, amor her love: suus diligo

How do you say I love you and I love you too in Latin Welsh and Japanese?

i love you is called 'te amo' in latin and 'i love chi' in welsh i love you too is called 'i love chi hefyd' in welsh and 'te amo etiam' in latin

How do you say love my baby in pig latin?

Pig Latin for 'love my baby' is 'ov-lay eye-my aby-bay'.

How do you say love of three in latin?

amor trium