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Q: How do you say My name queenie in Korean?
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What is the Korean name of queenie?

The Korean name for "Queenie" could be ν€΄λ‹ˆ (kwin-i) or ν€Έλ‹ˆ (kwin-ni), which are transliterations of the English name.

What is the birth name of Queenie Thomas?

Queenie Thomas's birth name is Marjorie Violet Queenie Thomas.

What is the birth name of Queenie Muwanga?

Queenie Muwanga's birth name is Queenie Amena Evera Muwanga.

Where does the name Queenie come from?

The name Queenie is a variation of the Old English name, Cwen. Queenie is used as a pet name of the word Queen.

What is the birth name of Queenie Epstein?

Queenie Epstein's birth name is Malka Hyman.

What is the birth name of Queenie Leonard?

Queenie Leonard's birth name is Walker, Pearl.

What is the birth name of Queenie Ashton?

Queenie Ashton's birth name is Edith Muriel Ashton.

How do i say what is your name in Korean?

이름이 무엇인가요 = what is your name

What your name in Korean?

I get this question all the time. If your wondering how to say your name in Korean, it's just the same as you say it here in America. Except for the accent that a Korean might have, it's the same.

How do you say the name Camille in Korean?


How do you say my name Alondra in Korean?


How do you say 'your name is' in Korean?

"Your name is..." would be당신의 이름은...입니다 (dangsin-wi ireum-eun ... imnida) in Korean.