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Q: How do you say Naruto in Japanese?
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How do you say watch me in japanese?

I think you say it like mitete. My experience is from naruto ( sasuke's and itachi's past)

Where does Naruto take place in?

The creator of Naruto is Japanese. Naruto is Japanese, and the show was based off "Manga" Where do you think he was created?! In Japan!

Is Naruto shepunden English?

No, no no! Naruto Shippuden is only on Japanese, and Naruto can be subed or dubed, and that means that you can watch Naruto episodes on English and on Japanese.

How do you say Naruto in french?

naruto >_> its already Japanese translated to English french uses the same letters (commonly) except for a few accents~

You are writing a naruto fanfic about utakata how would you say bubble release in Japanese?

バブルリリース Babururirīsu

What language is the openning to Naruto?

Yes it is .. it's an anime .. it has a manga series ...yes, Naruto is Japanese because he's an anime. and anime are Japanese cartoons. so he has to be Japanese.

What is Naruto shipuden?

Naruto Shippuden is a Japanese Anime and Manga.

Is Naruto a Japanese charactor?

yes, all naruto characters are japanese they usually use english names for non-japanese characters in manga & animes

What is the best Japanese animated cartoon ever?

If you're talking about anime, then I'd say Bleach, Naruto, or Tsubasa.

Is Naruto a Japanese series?


Sakura and Naruto are the main characters in what series?

The characters Sakura and Naruto are the main characters in the Japanese anime series Naruto. More detail about this Japanese cartoon can be found on Wikipedia.

Do any Americans appear in Naruto?

Naruto was made in Japan and dubbed in Japanese.