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Q: How do you say Native American in Japanese?
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What nationalities are lala babyboss?

native american, african american, filipino, and japanese

How do you say dancing fire in native American?

There is no one language called "Native American." There are MANY Native American languages.

How do you say speckle bird in native American?

hard to say considering that there doesn't exist a language, 'native american'...

What are three ethnic groups?

Japanese, Chinese, Native American, Samoan

What does heiwa mean in native American language?

Heiwa (平和) is the Japanese word for peace and has nothing to do with any native American language.

What nationalities are lala baby boss?

Lala is Filipino, Japanese, Native American, and African American

What is an American of Japanese parentage?

Nikkei is generically a person of Japanese heritage. In Japanese, you'd say "Nikkei America-Jin" for Japanese American.

How do you say good evening in Native American?

Which Language? You do realize that there 150+ Native American languages?

How do you say excel in native American language?

There is not just one Native American language, there are thousands of them.

How say Native American hope?

There isn't such a language as Native American. Native American tribes speak more than 700 different languages.

How do you say blue in native american indian?

There are about 700 different Native American languages. But there is no such language as "Indian".

How do you Native American say Montana?