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ahrел снега The above answer is essentially accurate with a small but important adjustment. In the first word, the second letter is wrong. There is no Cyrillic letter which looks like "h." In Russian Cyrillic, the letter "N" looks just like our English H, however it stays the same form (H) in both upper and lower case printed forms. (It takes on entirely different forms when in written cursive upper and lower case letters.) That first word is a-n-g-e-l, or a-н-г-е-л in Cyrillic. The next word, s-n-o-w is с-н-е-г. However because Russian considers an angel to be female unless otherwise noted, we add an "а" and it becomes снега and can be transliterated as "angel (of) snow." The correct rendering is: ангел снега. I think the original author knew the correct form but perhaps did not have a Cyrillic keyboard at his/her disposal.

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Q: How do you say Snow Angel in Russian?
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