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This means 'could you lend me a hand, please?'

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Q: How do you say Tetsudatte kuremasuka in Japanese?
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How do you say please help in Japanese?

tasukete kudasai, tetsudatte kudasai (for chores, domestci duties, etc.)

What is Tetsudatte in English?

It originates from 手伝う /te tsu da u/ meaning 'to help, to give a hand, to assist'. It is a certain conjugation of that verb called 'te-form' and depending on usage can mean slightly different variations of its English meaning, e.g. 'tetsudatte kure' means 'please help me' or 'tetsudatte imasu' means '... am/is/are helping'.

How do you say help me in Japanese?

You can say 有難うございます、良く手伝いました (arigatougozaimasu, yoku tetsudaimashita), "Thanks, you've been a real help". Further, you may say 手伝ってくれて有難うございます 'tetsudatte kurete, arigatou gozaimasu.' Or, if someone has been looking out for you/particularly kind, you may say お世話になりました 'Osewa ni narimashita.'

How do you say i need you in Japanese?

If it's a issue of personal safety or thereabouts, you may say 'tasukete kudasai.' If it's simply a task you need help with, you may say 'tetsudatte kudasai.' (More polite variants: 'Tasukete itadakemasen ka' and 'tetsudatte itadakemasen ka' as well as 'tasukete moraemasu ka/kuremasu ka' and 'tetsudatte moraemasu ka/kuremasu ka.' Add 'chotto' to the beginning to imply that you just need a little favor.

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