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How do you say Thank you for the blessing in portuguese?


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Obrigado pela benção.

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Obrigado is the portuguese word for "thank you". There's no brazilian, there's only portuguese

Obrigado, grato, agradecido. (All of them means "thank you")

lhe agradeça bonito: Which means-thank him/her beautiful

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. 'No, thank you' in Portuguese is Não, Obrigado. Obrigado is used to express gratitude, basically it means thank you. 'Não' means 'No.'

if you are a boy you say 'obrigado' if you are a girl you would say 'obrigada'

Obrigado! (if you are a man) Obrigada! (if you are a woman)

Muito obrigado, sir

A Muslim must thank Almighty God on of His blessing. Meal is a great blessing of Almighty Allah. That is why the Muslims thank Allah Karim on His blessing. It is also a prayer that the food we take should give us health, not disease.

Thank you in Guinea-Bissau:Portuguese =ObrigadoGuinea-Bissau Creole = Obrigadu

Obrigado para o aniversário desejo

Thank you Lord = Baruch Hashem (ברוך ה׳)

There is, in fact, a blessing Jewish males recite in the morning which thanks God for not making them women, NOT for making them men. They say this to thank God for obligating them in more commandments.

If you are a woman, you must say "obrigada" If you are a man, you must say "obrigado" . However, it's common for many woman to say obrigado,but this applies only in informal talking.

A woman says : Obrigada. A man says : Obrigado.

Obrigado por tudo que vocês fazem (estão fazendo)

If you're a guy it's obrigado and if you're a girl it's obrigada.

Obrigado means "thank-you" in Portuguese.

Blessing = brachah (ברכה)

Blessing = brachah (ברכה)

Muito Obrigado (a) thank you very much

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