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Nous allons informer l'équipe.

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Q: How do you say We will inform the team in French?
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How do you say I will inform the team in french?

"I will inform the team" would be, I think, "Je vais informer l'équipe."

How do you say 'I must inform myself' in French?

je dois me renseigner

How do you say this is his team in french?

"C'est son team". They use the English word team too.

How do you say Team Two in French?

Équipe deux

How do you say team Monaco in french?

équipe de Monaco

How do you say the football team in french?

l'équipe de foot

How do you say hockey team in french?

une équipe de hockey

How do you say 'with my team' in French?

avec mon équipe

How do you say Interim Team Leader in French?

An interim team leader is "un chef d'équipe par intérim" in French.

What is another way to say I must tell you?

It is my duty to inform you ...It is imperative that I apprise you ..I have to say that ...

How is the team spitir of Les Bleus French national team?

they have no team spirit, that's what French people say about them. Newpapers contend that there is at best a complete absence of team spirit, and probably some internal war between them.

How can i say football team in french?

"équipe de foot"