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¿Cómo es el clima allá en Missouri?

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Q: How do you say What is the weather in Missouri in spanish?
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How do you say Missouri river in spanish?

El río Missouri [mi.'su.ri]

How do i say How is your weather in spanish?

¿Qué tiempo hace?

How do you transalate this in Spanish - how is the weather back there?

To translate "How is the weather back there" from English to Spanish, you would say, "Como es el clima alli."

How do you say I live in Michigan in Spanish?

Vivo en Missouri

How do you say weather balloon in spanish?

Globo sonda, globo meteorológico

How do you say weather is bad in Spanish?

El tiempo es malo

How do you say 'It's going very good and I'm from Missouri' in Spanish?

Translation: Va muy bien y soy de Missouri.

How do you say beautiful weather isn't it in Spanish?

You could say "El tiempo está bonito, ¿No?"

How you say this weather sucks in spanish?

Este tiempo es muy malo

How do you say How are you coping with the weather in spanish?

¿Cómo estás manejando con el tiempo?

How do you say in spanish the weather changes here?

El clima/el tiempo cambia aquí.

Does Missouri have warm or cold weather?

Missouri has hot, humid summers and cold winters. :]