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Onde está my real amor? But the Brazilian language is Portuguese!


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Acorda, meu amor (literally, "awaken/wake up, my love")

yes, i can say that i have found true love, and it's a beautiful one. i have found true love in her, and her name is Trisha..... I LOVE YOU BESHIE!!!! :)

Brazilian is not a language. Portuguese. And you say "Bem-Vindo(a)"

All I can say is...I have found true love, and it's a beautiful one..I have found true love in her and her name is Trisha.........I LOVE YOU BESHIE!!!!!

We say : "Nós te amamos".Another way is : "Nós amamos vocês"

I'm Brazilian and we love Churasco. It is a Brazilian B-B-Q.

True love is Ahava amitit אהבה אמיתית

You can, as long as it is true.

How are you in portuguese(brazilian) is "Como vai você?"

"Brazilian" is not a language, however Brazilians speak Portuguese. You say "Alimento"

There is no such thing as Brazilian. Anyways, you can say "Eles são adoráveis"

Brazilian(male)= Brasileño Brazilian(female)= Brasileñabrasileño, abrasileños, as

'my one true love' in french is 'mon seul véritable amour'

love your neighbour as yourself . love is not a sin. true love does not pushed into sin.

true love Le véritable amour. Le grand amour

'Hope for my true love' in Spanish is:esperanza de mi amor verdadero

i love inpulse and i would have to say that true love or into glamour are lush. But nobody can really answer the question cuz its ur opinion ... i would say true love is my fav tho :)

because when you make out it tastes good

Not true. You can get over it without having to say goodbye because as you take it one day at a time and move on, you will find someone who cannot be compared to your true love because they treat you better than your true love ever did.

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