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The answer is 'calvo'

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Translation: Calvo

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Q: How do you say bald in spanish?
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How do you say bald head in spanish?

Cabeza calva

How do you say bald eagle in Spanish?

Águila calva.

What does calvo mean in spanish?


What is the opposite of bald in spanish?

Hairy or haired

How do you say bald in German?

The German word for bald is glatzköpfig (adj), Glatze (noun) Er ist glatzköpfig = he is bald = er hat eine Glatze

What does Rey Mysterio really look like?

A Spanish bald guy

Are bald people all forehead?

It is not correct to say that all bald people are forehead.

How do you say bald in Pig Latin?


Something that rhimes with melon in spanish?

pelon-slang for bald rincon-corner

What bird is bald and a brown body and is a scavenger?

A buzzard or vulture. Many people say the Bald Eagle but this is incorrect, they are not really bald, their feathers are just white.

Why Lump behind head know bald spot?

Lump behind head went to high school with bald spot. They took Spanish together their junior year.

How many Bald eagles in 2000?

No one can say exactly. But the bald eagle has rebounded nicely, and is no longer an endangered species.