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In ancient Egyptian the word for beautiful is "Sesen".

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Q: How do you say beautiful in ancient Egyptian?
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What is 'beautiful' in Egyptian Arabic?

You can say : Jameela, or Helwa

When and where was isis born?

Ancient Egyptian myth does not say.

How do you say she's beautiful in Egyptian?

In Arabic writing its أنها جميلة

How do you say the name delia in Ancient Egyptian?

No one knows what the vowels were for Ancient Egyptian, but "Delia" would probably be pronounced the same as in English.

How do you say thank you in Egyptian?

modern egyptians speak arabic....... شكرت أنت

Who used ancient Egyptian harps?

An ancient Egyptian harpist

What was the ancient egypt's religion?

they had their own religion. i guess you could call it ancient egyptian. most people just call their polytheistic religion by their gods names, or say "the egyptian gods"

How do you say fear god in ancient Egyptian?

It's called an online translator-check into it.

How do you say or write 'how are you doing' in ancient Egyptian?

Im doing pretty good here

What can Evelyn read and write on The Mummy?

Ancient Egyptian

What is the Ancient Egyptian God Zyopt of?

There is no ancient Egyptian god Zyopt.

How does ancient Egyptian music differ from modern Egyptian music?

how did ancient Egyptian life differ from ours