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Q: How do you say blue turd in Gaelic?
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How do you say blue eyed prince in Gaelic?

In Irish (Gaelic) it's prionsa gormshúileach.In (Scottish) Gaelic it's prionnsagorm-shùileach.

How do you say ch in french?


How do you say turd in spanish?


What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'blue'?

The Scots Gaelic word for 'blue' is 'gorm'.

Why is the pincers of a crab is the crab leg?

a turd turd turd turd is the

What common moshling likes blue dragon fruit?

Poopy The Turd. In the smellies column.

What is the Gaelic for blue?


How do you say fat turd in spanish?

You say it like this "Eres un mojón".

How do you say turd in Brazil?

You may choose among : cocô, mérda and bósta.

How do you say dirt in Gaelic?

Irish Gaelic: salacharScots Gaelic: salachar

How do you say Bryghun in Gaelic?

No Gaelic version.

How do you say soccer in Gaelic?

it is keltoi in Gaelic