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Cell phone is correct or maybe Cellular phone.

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Q: How do you say cell phone?
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How do you say cell phone in french?

Le portable = cell phone

How do you say cell-phone in spanish?

Cell phone= telefono celular

Do you say mobile or cell phone on resume?

You can say either cell phone or mobile phone on a resume. Either will be acceptable and will be understood by the reader.

How do you prove that you can have a cell phone?

You can behave and then say" i been behaving" and they will say that's true then u get a cell phone or u can help and then say "I've been helping and they will say "yeah u have and u will get a cell phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How do you say 'cell phone' in Yiddish?


How do you say phone in spanish?

You can say ' teléfono' which means telephone. Cell phone can be 'móvil' or 'celular.'

How do you say cell phone charger in french?

Cell phone charger in french is chargeur de téléphone cellulaire.

What is voice dialing in cell phone?

Say a command

How do you say cell phone in spanish?

celular or móvil

How do say cell phone in Spanish?

celular or móvil

What percentage of cell phone calls are to other cell phones?

I would say about 80%

What did the first cell phone text message say?

i love you

How do you say cell phone in shanish?

Spanish teléfono celular

Is it legal for your employer to say you can not have your cell phone on you at work?


What do adults say causes them the most stress?

cell phone

Who do you say cell phone in spanish?

Try: teléfono celular

How do you persuade your parents to let you babysit to get money for your cell phone?

Just say it will be a good experience for when your older and the cell phone part say it saves them buying you one. :) <3

What cell phone is most used?

I would say the Iphone nowadays.

How can you make your cell phone say out of area on caller ID?

Program it in

What is puk code for nokia c3?

it also happen to my cell phone... they say that the problem is from your SIM not from your phone...

Where can I find good cell phone plan reviews?

Wherever cell phones are sold on the internet, they most likely have customer reviews. I'd say choose a couple cell phone providers and review what their customers say/suggest.

Why did Martin Cooper invent the cell phone?

People say to make life easier. I say because he hated to stop what he was doing just to make a call. That is why he invented the first Cell Phone. he was part of the team of the first cell phone but yeah he did hate to stop what he was doing just for a call but he invented the first cell phone cz they were struggling to get things done.

How do you say phone in french?

"le téléphone" a cell phone is commonly called 'un portable'

What cell phone can i replace an ATT cell phone?

You will need another AT&T cell phone are a compatible GSM cell phone.

Cell phone signatures for girls?

Cell phone signatures for girls tend to be very cute and girly. Girls will often say something like I love you.