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How do you say cjay in mandarin?

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When was CJAY-FM created?

CJAY-FM was created on 1977-06-01.

How do you say Prince in Tibetan or Mandarin?

Wangzi (Mandarin).

How hot is a volcano?

Hotter then fire. almost as hot as cjay no tyler no

What nicknames does Cinnamon Aldridge go by?

Cinnamon Aldridge goes by CJay.

How do you say she in mandarin?

In mandarin, it would be '她', prounounced 'ta'.

How do you say ceramic in mandarin?

陶瓷 is ceramic in mandarin

How do you say in Mandarin Chinese?

How do you say what in Mandarin Chinese?I don't even know what you're asking.

How do you say Legend in Mandarin?

you say in a way

How do you say i am in mandarin?


How do you say he in mandarin?


How do you say sit in mandarin?


How do you say I just had lunch in Mandarin?

Saying "I just had lunch" in Mandarin is simple and easy. In Mandarin you would say 我刚吃了午饭.

How do you say rice in Mandarin Chinese?

In Simplified Mandarin you say "Mi fan". It looks like this: 米饭

How do you say 'Year of the Ox' in Mandarin?

Ox in mandarin is Niu

How do you say twelve in mandarin?

In Mandarin twelve is 十二 (Shí èr)。

How do you say Cheers in Mandarin?

Cheers in Mandarin is 干杯(gān bēi)

How do you say English in Mandarin?

In Mandarin, you can say the word, English, like this: ying1 wen4. 英文 = ying1 wen4

How do you say elbow in mandarin?

I found three ways to say it in Mandarin: In Mandarin, Pinyin pronunciation: 肘 = zhou3 手肘 = shou3 zhou3 肘子 = zhou3 zi

How much in mandarin?

You mean how to say "how much" in Mandarin? If so, it means"多少".

How do you say 56 in mandarin Chinese?

56 in mandarin is 五十六

How to say do in Mandarin?

做 (zuò)

How do you say congratulations in mandarin?


How do you say dragon in mandarin?


How do you say piglet in Chinese?

It is mandarin

How do you say seven in mandarin?


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