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Cousin is the same as how you say it in America but with a British accent. British people speak English.

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In British English, the term for cousin is the same as in American English. It is simply "cousin."

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Q: How do you say cousin in British?
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Was George Washington pleased when his cousin helped the British?

No George Washington said to his cousin that he should have refused the British when they asked for helped

Why would your male cousin say he is your special cousin?

that sounds weird, a cousin would not say that

How do you say cousin in polish?


Who do you say hello my cousin in french?

You say "bonjour cousin / bonjour cousine"

How you say cousin in italian?

There are two ways to say "cousin" in Italian, depending on the gender of the cousin.If the cousin is male, you would say "cugino." If he or she is female, you would say "cugina."

How do you say your cousins in french?

vos -your Cousin(fem)-cousine Cousin(masc)-cousin

How do you say not much cousin in spanish?

You could say "No mucho, primo" (Prima for a female cousin)

How do you say 'thank you cousin'?

Translation: Merci, cousin(e).

How do you say 'my cousin' in Japanese?

'(Watashi no) itoko' is "my cousin" in Japanese.

How do you say thanks cousin in french?

Translation: Merci, cousin(e).

How do you say second cousin in French?

Second cousin in French is "cousin au deuxième degré."

What do you say when you want to mention the gender of a cousin other than cousin brother or cousin sister?

To specify the sex of a cousin, use the phrases "male cousin" and "female cousin."