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How do you say daughter of the moon in Gaelic?

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In Irish it's "iníon na gealaí"

in Scottish Gaelic it's "nighean na gealaich"

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iníon in Irish;nighean in Scottish Gaelic.

Irish (Gaelic) is iníon Scots Gaelic is nigheaniníon

In Irish: gealach dhorcha

Mother is máthair (maw-hir);daughter is iníon (in-yeen).

In Irish:neachtiníon deirféar (sisters daughter) / iníon dearthár (brothers daughter)

There are two words in Irish for "moon": "gealach" and "ré". "The moon" would be "an ré" or "an ghealach".

The Irish Gaelic for 'daughter' is iníon [in'yeen].Iníon"Iníon" is the word for "daughter" in the Irish language.

Daughter of O'Brien would be Iníon Uí Bhriain. The genitive Uí Bhriain istranslated as 'of O'Brien'.

Scots Gaelic word for 'moon' isgealach : nf. g.d. -aich; pl. -aich, the moon ******************************************************************** Irish Gaelic word for 'moon' is gealach or ré.

Scottish Gaelic: Ban-dia na gealaich trí-fillte (?)Irish Gaelic: Bandia na gealaí triarach (?)

In Irish it's "Bandia na Gealaí"

nighean [neeun] in Scottish Gaelic.

In IRISH Gaelic it means daughter (iníon).

In the Irish and Scottish Gaelic: gealach.

You need to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic: they are two separate languages.

The Irish (Gaelic) would be Iníon dhílis.The (Scottish) Gaelic would be Nigheandhìleas.

In Irish "Gaelic": "gealach lán" or "iomlán gealaí". In Scottish Gaelic: ?

Irish Gaelic = Athair agus iníon. Scottish Gaelic = Athair agus nighean.

Grandchild is ogha.Endearments for grandson are stoban or bìodanandgrand-daughter are bìodag and stobag.

It is nighean which sounds like 'nee-un'.

màthair - that is how you say mother in Scottish Gaelic. máthair - that is how you say mother in Irish Gaelic.màthair

It means 'daughter' in Scottish Gaelic.

it is keltoi in Gaelic

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