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Eilís [e-leesh]

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Q: How do you say elizabeth in Irish?
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What is Elizabeth Gillies' background?

Elizabeth Gillies background is Irish

What is the birth name of Irish McCalla?

Irish McCalla's birth name is McCalla, Irish Elizabeth.

How do you write elizabeth in Irish?


What is Gaelic for Elizabeth?

Irish: Éilis

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how do you say my country in irish

What is Elizabeth gillies heritage?

Liz Gillies is Irish and Italian

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How do you say "for four days " in irish?

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The way to say egg in Irish is ubh

In aribic how do you say Elizabeth?

zoba is how you say elizabeth in aribic

How do you say gissel in Irish?

No Irish version.

How do you you say Tahlin in Irish?

No Irish form.

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