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Encore is Italian.

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Q: How do you say encore in Italian?
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How to say again in french?

again = encore If you mean - again - then it's 'encore'.

How do you say do it again in french?


What is 'encore' when translated from English to Italian?

Ancora! and bis are Italian equivalents of the English word "encore." Context makes clear whether the exclamation "Again!" (case 1) or the performance's repetition (example 2) suits. The respective pronunciation will be "an-KO-ra" for the adverb and "beess" for the masculine singular noun in Pisan Italian.

How do you say the word more in french?

It is "plus", pronounced "ploo". Or in some cases, "Encore", pronounced "Encore".

How do you say not again in french?

"pas encore !"

How do you say not yet in French?

pas encore

How do you say again in France french?

Again => encore

How do you say never again in french?

jamais encore

How do you say can you still in french?

'Can you still…' is translated to 'Peut-tu encore…' or 'Pouvez-vous encore…' (the second is more formal)

How to say not yet later in French?

'pas encore, plus tard'

How do you say I'll sing again in French?

je chanterai encore

How do you say she is alive again in french?

Elle est vivante encore.