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to a female: tehani (תהני)

to a male: teheneh (תהנה)

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to male = tehanéh (תהנה)to a female = tehaní (תהני)

to a group = tehanú (תהנו)

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Q: How do you say enjoy yourself in Hebrew -?
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Enjoy yourself there: Amusez-vous il ya Have a good time: s'amuser

How do you say strengthen yourself in Hebrew?

To a woman: titkhazki. To a man: titkhazek. To a group: titkhazku.

How do you say enjoy yourself my friend in french?

amuse-toi mon ami/amie

How do you say enjoy the board in Hebrew or Yiddish?

Hebrew (talking to a male): tehaneh mehaluach (תהנה מהלוח)Hebrew (talking to a female): tehani mehaluach (תהנה מהלוח)Yiddish: Geniss dem Tavl (גניס דעם טאָוול)

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to a female: tasbiri (תסבירי) to a male: tasbir (תסביר)

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