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"Commotus", "excitatus."

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Q: How do you say excited in latin?
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Is both them and us were excited correct?

"Both them and us were excited" is not correct usage. Look at how the pronouns would be used separately, then combine them in one, correct sentence. You would say "They were excited" not "Them were excited." Similarly, you would say "We were excited," not "Us were excited." The correct combination would be: "We and they were excited."

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How do you say 'excited' in Maori?

hiamo - he tamaiti hiamo ia - she/he's an excited child

What English word derives from the Greek or Latin for 'excited behavior'?

Frenzy is the English derivative of the words for 'excited behavior' in the ancient classical and the even older classical Greek languages. In Latin, the word is 'phreneticus'. In Greek, the word is 'phrenetikos'.

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How do you say helmet in Latin?

you say helmet in latin (casco)<- in latin

How do you say excited in Australian?

Australians speak English - so excited is still "excited"...If you are looking for slang, all I can think of at the moment is "stoked".

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How do you say excited in Spanish?

emocionada emocionado

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How do you say who am I in Latin?

To say "Who am I?" in Latin you can say "quisnam sum Ego?"