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exploration = exploración

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Q: How do you say exploration in spanish?
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How do you say college exploration in spanish?

college exploration = la exploración de la universidad

Describe Spanish and French exploration of the Americas?

the prvided the french and spanish with exploration routes to Mexico and other parts of America

What exploration route did the Spanish and French use?

The Spanish and French explorers used the Gulf of Mexico as an exploration route to get to Mexico and other parts of North America.

What has the author Wallace M Olson written?

Wallace M. Olson has written: 'Through Spanish eyes' 'The Spanish exploration of Alaska, 1774-1792' -- subject(s): Spanish, Discovery and exploration, History

What are the three reasons for Spanish Exploration?

The three main reasons for Spanish exploration were to find new trade routes to Asia, to spread Christianity to indigenous populations, and to expand Spanish territories and influence in the Americas.

Which Spanish explored the southwestern US?

Spanish Conquistadors embarked on exploration of the southwestern US

Why is Rome not included in the exploration?

because he is not a spanish explorer

What is the leading nation in exploration of the new world?


Who funded de soto's exploration?

Spanish crown

What caused the fall of the aztecs empire?

Spanish exploration

How did the stories about Ebola affect Spanish explorers?

The stories about Ebola did not directly affect Spanish explorers, as Ebola is a recent virus that was not known during the time of Spanish exploration. The virus emerged in the 1970s in Africa, long after the age of Spanish exploration.

What motivated spanish exploration of the new world?

The main motivations for Spanish exploration of the New World were the search for new trade routes to Asia, the desire for wealth through the discovery of precious metals, the spread of Christianity, and the expansion of Spanish power and influence. Additionally, competition with other European powers played a role in driving Spanish exploration.