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The Irish word for 'brown' is 'donn' which is pronounced like 'down' in Co. Galway.
There are three major dialects in Irish often differing in pronunciation.

The (Scottish) Gaelic is also 'donn'. Not sure about pronunciation.

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Tá gruaig dhonn ort

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Tá súile dhonna agam

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Gruaig fhionn

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Q: How do you say fair hair in Irish?
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How do you say i have fair hair in Irish?

Tá gruaig fhionn orm.

Is Kayla a black name?

It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Kayla is "slim and fair". It can be any girl's name - fair often meaning not fair of skin/hair, but fair of face.

Can you audition for Skulduggery Pleasant if your A merican?

If you can learn an Irish accent. Are you Slim? What color is your skin? Brown Eye color? Long hair? Brown Hair? Well she is Irish, slim, brown eyes, fair skin, long brown hair. From: SunnyDayz

What does the name Finn mean?

The name Finn is of Irish origin and means "fair" or "white". It is also associated with the legendary Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhail.

How do you say you have nice hair in Irish Gaelic?

Tá folt breá ort

Irish word for hair?

gruaige is "hair" in Irish

What is hair in Irish?

Hair in Irish is gruaige By:Sophie Silvester

Is medium brown hair with green eyes or dark hair with deep brown eyes more genetically Irish?

The hair and eye color does not and cannot tell what descent you come from. Yet I'm Irish and I don't have fair skin at all. I rarely get sun burned. Studies have shown that generally speaking Irish people are genetically closer to the peoples of northern Spain. About 90% of the Irish have a fair skin, but 60% have no freckling. The slightly darker shade of skin (10%) is found in N Leinster (not in the west). The Irish really don't have many purely brown eyed people but instead hazel eyed individuals (often called brown).

What does 'Black Irish'mean?

A black-haired Irish person with usually hazel or brown eyes, but also blue. This is because most Irish people have brown or red or reddish hair, and have very fair complected or freckled skins. Thus anyone who had an average or relatively 'dark' skin combined with black hair was called Black Irish.

Why the story entitled origin of fair complexion and fair hair?


How did the Irish feel about Irish jokes?

they dont like them --- We hate them. Although, to be fair, Irish comedians of course make a lot of jokes about the Irish which are accepted. But that is only because Irish comedians say things that the Irish can relate to. Whereas, when people outside of Ireland make Irish jokes, they're usually based on stereotypes and can be extremely insulting.

How do you say white in Gaelic or Scottish?

In Irish Gaelic: Bán, pronounced like bawn. In Scots Gaelic: Bàn [Scottish Gaelic] geal [pronounced kaal] (as in the colour white) (bàn as hair, fair hair, etc.)