How do you say first in greek?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Πρώτος [prOtos]

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ΠΡΩΤΟΣ πρώτος (protos)

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Q: How do you say first in greek?
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How do you say happy first in Greek?

Lobar l

Did Athena come first or Aphrodite?

Greek myth does not say.

Who do you say same in greek?

Same in Greek is "ίδιο" and it is pronounciated as e-the-o with the accent on the first e!

Who does greek historian diodorus say is the first of all men?


How do you say the words first and last in greek?

First is protos Πρώτος Last is telefteos Τελευταίος

How do you say family first in the greek languae?

πρώτα η οικογένεια (Prota i ikogenia).

How do you say united in ancient greek?

how do you say unite in greek

How do you say athletic in Greek?

You can say athlete in Greek by saying athlitis. If you wanted to say the word sports in Greek it would be athlitismos.

How do you say of in Greek?

How does one say 'of course' in Greek? Thanks (evkaristo!)

Who was the first Greek to tell stories and poems?

That is impossible to say. Storytelling went on for hundreds of years as part of Greek culture, but Homer is credited with composing the Greek national epics "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey."

How do you say the word Greek in Greek?

Ελληνικά (Ellinika) = Greek

How do you pronounce the Greek word for student in English?

In classical Greek you say mathitis. In modern Greek you say spoudastis.